Painless weeding
Dreading having to do the weeding, because of the prospect of sore knees or an aching back? SKIL has the solution! Read more now.
Weed them out
The SKIL 0700 ‘Weedbuster’ is an electric weed sweeper that quickly and efficiently removes stubborn weeds, moss and small plants from between paving stones. The ‘Weedbuster’s’ telescopic handle ensures you always take on a comfortable working posture. You no longer need to remove weeds with your hands. And you don’t need to use any more toxic herbicides. So how does it work?
Sturdy steel brush
All you need to do is switch on the SKIL 0700 ‘Weedbuster’ and let the steel brush do its job. It removes weeds with ease at 3000 rpm. You can see the exact position of the brush on the hood, allowing you to direct the tool correctly. Removing weeds has never been so easy!
‘Easy Storage’

This weed sweeper is part of the ‘Urban Series’ of practical, space-saving garden tools from SKIL. The SKIL 0700 ‘Weedbuster’ comes with an ‘Easy Storage’ rail, which allows you to hang it on the wall after use, saving valuable space.