DIY help available at your fingertips

By doing a few DIY jobs, you can make your direct living environment (home or garden) more attractive and comfortable. That’s how you turn a house into a home. But some of those DIY jobs aren’t as simple as they look. You need the right tools. And in some cases a clear and easy-to-follow explanation.

SKIL knows that better than anyone. That’s why SKIL supports the ‘DIY 4 Beginners’ platform.

‘DIY 4 Beginners’ gives you handy tips, step-by-step job plans, tool recommendations and explanation. ‘DIY 4 Beginners’ makes all your jobs a lot easier!

SKIL offers an easy-to-access DIY 4 Beginners app for your smart phone (both Android and Apple). The big advantage of an app is that you can carry it with you to the job. That means that you have all the information you need, instantly available at your fingertips!

Click here to download the Android app

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