SKIL offers you everything you need to get the job done quickly and conveniently. From step-by-step job instructions to clear explanations of how to use the tools.
SKIL 0701 electric lawn raker
The SKIL 0701 is the ideal tool when you’re planning to rake or scarify your lawn to extract moss. This ‘Mossextractor’ ensures that you won’t have to deal with back-breaking work and it also has other advantages compared to a manual rake or a bulky lawn raker.
Garden maintenance and outdoor jobs
Garden maintenance and outdoor jobs
Like to know how to remove moss from your lawn and prevent it from forming in the first place? Need to make your garden ready for winter?
SKIL Cordless drill 2461
SKIL Cordless drill 2461

Work longer: use battery or cable.

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In 1924 Edmond Michel invented the world’s first electrical saw. Together with his business partner Joseph Sullivan, he founded the Skilsaw Incorporate company. That marked the start for the development of an almost unlimited series of successful electrical hand tools.